Very Loved, New with Tags and items not listed in the chart will be priced taking into consideration condition, quality and style.

Please note that we also take into account Brand. Items from brands such as George, Pekkle, Joe Fresh, or no tag may have a lower payout than indicated in this chart.

New with tags: These are items that still have their original store tags on them, and therefore have never been worn. You will be paid around 30% of our sale price. 

Great Condition: Our definition of great condition is an item that has no tears or stains, no wrinkles and is washed and neatly folded. The item must be in nearly new condition. You will be paid 15%-25% of our sale price. 

Loved: These items may have pilling or minor stains. These items must be free of wrinkles, washed and neatly folded. You will be paid 10-15% of our sale price. 

(Date last updated: February 9, 2023)

Item Payout
Books $0.60
Leggings $0.80
Bottoms $1.00
Dresses $1.40
Hats $0.30
One piece $1.20
Onesies $0.50
Shorts $0.60
Sleepers $1.20
Sweaters $1.60
Swimwear $1.20
Tops $1.00