Frequently asked questions

Q: I want to make a purchase but don't qualify for free shipping.  Do you offer local delivery?

A: Yes! We offer local delivery within the HRM on all orders. There is a small delivery charge of either $1.00 or $5.00 (depending on your location) that will be added to your order. All orders over $80.00 have free delivery! To know if you qualify for local delivery, you will see that option in the checkout area after entering your postal code. Drop off usually happens once a week and the package will be left at either your entrance or lobby. If you would like the package dropped off at another safe location by your home, please contact us via email to let us know where. 


Q: Can I hold items to save on shipping costs?

A: We offer the option of Holding your items!  At the checkout, type "HOLDin the text field.  We will hold your order for up to 4 weeks. For subsequent orders made within the next 4 weeks, type ''HOLD'' if you want to keep accumulating items, type "DONE" if you are done shopping and we will combine all your orders to reduce shipping fees. At the end of the 4 weeks, if the combined orders are $80+ ($120+ in USA), we will refund the total shipping fees; if the order is under $80, we will refund the extra shipping fees you have paid! 

*Please allow 24-48 hrs for shipping fee refunds*


Q: Do I still need to wash my items, or have you already cleaned and sanitized the products?

A:  We ask all our sellers to clean the clothes or books prior to selling to us, however, we do suggest cleaning your items when you receive them. 


Q: How do you determine the payout prices?

A: Our payout price takes into consideration the type of item you are selling to us as well as the product condition and brand. The payout price is typically 10-30% of our sale price, however we cannot guarantee payout until we evaluate the items in person.

For more information please visit our Payouts page. 


Q: I am a local small business who specialises in baby/children products; how can I sell my items through Maë's Things?

A: We LOVE to support local! Please email us with details about your product and we will evaluate if they would be a good fit to add to our website. 


Any other questions, please contact us via email at hello@maesthings.ca!